On August 20, 1920, the Cagliari FC team (Calgliari FC) was formally established; in 1924, it merged with the US Italia Cagliari (US Italia Cagliari) to form the Cagliari Sports Club (Club Sportivo Calgliari). The Cagliari FC team, which was only 14 years in existence in 1934, declared bankruptcy; in 1934, the US Cagliari team was re-established; in 1970, it was officially renamed Calgliari Calcio (Calgliari Calcio), and it has been used today. Established in 1920, Cagliari is the only first division team in Sardinia, Italy. After decades of battle, Cagliari has only gained a foothold in Serie A from the 64-65 season. The 69-70 season is the first time in history to win the league championship (30 games with 17 wins, 11 draws and 2 losses). Among them, the team's top star is Riva and the head coach is Scopinho. Subsequently, the team was in the middle of the first division. Of course, there was also a time of relegation. In the 92-93 season, it won the sixth place in the league and qualified for the UEFA Cup. Cagliari went all the way in the UEFA Cup the following year. Defeating strong opponents (including multiple elimination of Juventus with away goals). Although they beat Inter Milan 3-2 at home in the semi-finals, they were eliminated by Inter Milan 0-3 in the away game. This is the team's goal. The best record. However, since the team’s financial resources could not compete with the Italian Northern team, the record fell all the way, and finally in the 96-97 season 34 games with 9 wins, 10 draws and 15 losses, only 37 points and ranked third from the bottom, with Perugia and Vero Na and Regina were relegated together, and the team has been in the second division ever since. In the 2003-04 season, led by veteran Zola, Cagliari returned to Serie A for the first time in seven years.